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Within the Hans-Ertel Centre, MBL-ICON deals with improving the representation of Marine Boundary Layer (MBL) clouds in the ICOsahedral Nonhydrostatic  weather and climate model ICON. We will perform different case analyses and climate-scale analyses for stratocumuli in the sub-tropics, and the southern ocean to improve their representation on weather and climate time scales seamlessly.

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This DFG funded project will assess the efficacy and potential unintended consequences of conceived marine cloud brightening applications at the regional scale. We will use model simulations together with satellite retrievals, and theoretical cloud seeding concepts, in one of the most prevalent stratiform cloud decks off the Californian coast.


As part of the collaborative research centre TPChange which focuses on the "Tropopause Region in a Changing Atmosphere" we investigate the downward transport of nucleated upper tropospheric aerosols in the tropics. We are particularly interested in their potential impact on low-troposphere cloud-condensation nuclei budgets and thus their potential relevance for aerosol-cloud interactions.



The Make Our Planet Great Again German Research Initiative (MOPGA-GRI) is a BMBF funded program managed by the DAAD supporting individual researchers to start a research group in Germany. In this 4-year project we investigate the potential links between cloud-phase, morphology and the cloud radiative effect in boundary layer Southern Ocean mixed-phase clouds.

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