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Anna Possner

Prof. Dr.

Cloud Physics in the Climate System
Atmospheric Scientist


Institute for Atmosphere and Environment
Altenhoeferallee 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main

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​Me in a few words

I am a research group leader at Goethe University in Frankfurt interested in cloud physics and the impacts of human activity on the climate. I study cloud-radiative effects in low-lying stratified clouds around the world. These clouds span vast regions over the ocean and may contain only liquid water, or a mixture of water and ice. They play a significant role in the Earth’s radiative budget. Depending on their location they either exert a warming effect at the surface by trapping thermal energy emitted at the surface (polar regions), or they may cool the surface by reflecting a large fraction of incoming solar radiation back to space (sub-polar regions).

We are hiring!


If you are interested in marine stratocumuli, check out the advertised position in the group!

During my PostDoc I branched out into another field studying the potential geophysical limits to wind energy and the possible impacts of large-scale off-shore deployment of wind farms on the climate. Following the Paris Agreement there is an ever more pressing need for renewable energy technologies, such as wind power, to meet the agreed greenhouse gas emission targets. Therefore, understanding this technology's possible limitations and impacts from a purely geophysical perspective becomes increasingly important.

About me
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